What you see on the drawing board is what you get on your site 

In modular manufacturing,

There’s less to go wrong


The vast majority of KeyPlants projects meet the planned budget and timelines, with no quality issues to be ironed out or unexpected costs. And when clients want to build a duplicate facility they do not have to start all over; much can be re-used.

Reducing the risk to revenue both from the shorter modular manufacturing timeline and from the lack of delays and quality issues significantly reduces costs compared to conventional construction. KeyPlants’ grid-based standard modular platform design and products let you take control and reduce the risk of the unexpected. Costs can be precisely calculated. Project timelines can be guaranteed. So can process quality. What you see on the drawing board is what you get on your site.

70% of all conventional projects are delayed. 73% are over budget 

Lean Construction Institute, USA

Higher quality and safety

Offsite fabrication in a factory makes the facility less dependent on labor quality, leading to higher productivity, better control of cost and schedule, higher predictability, and higher quality and safety, with substantial testing off-site.


Quality is consistent, because work is carried out by the same skilled workforce and tested in an ISO 9001-certified workshop. And if you decide you want another facility built in another part of the world, we can make a duplicate copy for you; the only variables are sight preparation and labor force building the external shell.


This predictability has bottom-line implications: Your facility will start producing your product on time and much faster than a conventional facility. And that means faster return on your investment.


Caption: Our modular manufacturing takes place in Sweden.

The cost of schedule delays


  • Delayed product launch has a negative effect on budget/revenues.
  • Lack of product supply has a negative effect on budget/revenues.
  • Maintaining project staffing has a negative effect on budget/costs.
Modular Solutions

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Expanding production? Launching a new product? The KeyPlants team has decades of proven, worldwide experience building modular, turnkey facilities for the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our modular and POD agile design solutions meet the demanding requirements of today’s business needs in the production of therapeutics.

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