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C&Q Services

Commissioning, Qualification and Validation (CQV) 

We offer comprehensive commissioning, qualification and validation services, to ensure that your facility meets all GEP and GMP requirements and industry standards. We work as an integral part of the project delivery throughout all the phases, as well as on a consultant basis, to support your projects or regular production.


Our team of commissioning, qualification and validation experts provides a full range of services, including leading and executing design qualification, commissioning, installation, operational and performance qualification, as well as a wide variety of validation services, such as cleaning, sterile, aseptic and process validation. We also have extensive experience in the qualification and validation of automated and computerised systems.


Our training and background in turnkey delivery of facilities for the industry gives us a practical, solution-focused approach, and an ability to see projects through from beginning to end. 



Quality Assurance (QA) 

Our Quality Assurance team will support you, both in projects and regular production. We will work in line with your existing quality system, or we can help develop or expand your quality system to ensure compliance with current regulations.  


The QA team is backed by an organisation that has worldwide experience with regulations. They are trained to see the full picture as well as make difficult decisions. Their experience in turnkey project delivery of facilities for the industry also gives them a practical, solution-focused approach, and an ability to see projects through from beginning to end.

Work with KeyPlants


From URS to design, engineering, and automation, through system implementation, to operation and maintenance.


We offer our customers the flexibility to choose their own equipment, and even conventional construction; or take advantage of KeyPlants’ modular manufacturing capabilities. 


We have capabilities that include process design and equipment integration, as well as services that support with automation, design, qualification, and process validation.

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