Data Centres

Flexible, scalable data capacity 

One thing about data is that it is always expanding. But how fast will demand for data centre capacity grow?


KeyPlants’ data centre solution offers clients the ability to order the capacity they need now, with the ability to smoothly scale up as needs increase.


Adding capacity is as simple as adding another module or modules. It can be delivered to the site within weeks. This means clients never have to make complicated forecasts of demand and invest in redundant capacity before it’s needed. Nor do they have to risk running out capacity while they wait for it to be built and delivered.


To ensure quality, all manufacturing takes place indoors under controlled conditions at KeyPlants’ workshop in Emtunga. Here the facility is protected throughout the fabrication and installation. Cooling, power supply, and server racks are installed and made ready in the factory. We can also conduct FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) testing before delivery, to ensure a fast and fault-free connection to the data centre.


Fast delivery 
The construction time for a new facility is usually about twice as fast as conventional construction. This is because the modules can be manufactured while the site work progresses. Since the modules are stackable, large datacentres can be built within a small footprint. Modular manufacturing also means the server halls can be relocated if necessary.


With years of experience, KeyPlants offers design assistance, or executes the client’s design, depending on what the client needs.

Why choose KeyPlants for data centres

  • Scalable – install to meet current needs, add capacity when needed
  • Manufactured under controlled, indoor conditions
  • Delivery in a few weeks
  • Installed with power supply, cooling, and server racks
  • Equipment FAT tested
  • Can be relocated 
Why choose KeyPlants for data centres

Internet of Things (IoT)

​The Internet of Things (IoT) is a major part of our daily lives, which means that dependence on critical IT infrastructure is rapidly increasing.


If the IoT is the circulatory system of the IT industry, the data centre with its supportive infrastructure is its very heart. This places strong demands for both quality and knowledge on those of us who provide the industry with solutions. Keeping up with the fast pace of technological developments requires sensitivity to change as well as fast and reliable deliveries.


With us, you become part of a creative and welcoming company where everyone has the opportunity to develop their skills. We also hope that you will learn as much from us as we will learn from you. In addition to an attractive work environment, we offer a wide range of benefits. For many of our job openings, you will need a bachelor’s or master’s degree or similar in engineering.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Protected manufacturing indoors and shorter delivery times

All manufacturing is undertaken indoors, so the is facility is protected throughout the fabrication and installation, ensuring quality.


The modular facilities are safely and securely completed in a controlled environment at KeyPlants’ workshop in Emtunga. All equipment is installed prior to delivery, which saves considerable time and costs on site, and enables guaranteed delivery to end customers and commissioning.


A major advantage of prefabrication is that the on-site groundwork and infrastructure can be completed while the facility is being manufactured. This reduces the time to complete the building significantly, compared with on-site construction of a similar structure.


The dimensions of the modules we build are designed according to the client’s specifications, but are usually 13,350 (l) x 4,450x (w) x 4,100 (h). These particular dimensions were developed as a result of over 25 years of transportation and installation experience, and it has proven to be the safest, most secure and cost-effective size for a module. Moreover, for larger buildings they form perfect modular symmetry, as with Tetris.

Protected manufacturing indoors and shorter delivery times