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Modular pharmaceutical packaging facility Designed and delivered on 12-month timeline

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Modular OEB5 containment facility

Modular pharmaceutical packaging facility designed and delivered on 12-month timeline 

When a leading global pharmaceuticals company wanted to expand production of one of its products in Austria, it once again turned to KeyPlants to build the necessary cleanroom for its packaging line.  


KeyPlants is dedicated to cultivating long-term relationships with our clients. “In this case, the client was able to visit another facility we had built for them elsewhere in Europe,” comments KeyPlants Project Manager Olle Pettersson, who was in charge of the project. “So they could feel and touch everything on the inside and see how high the quality of the finish was.


Besides liking the quality they saw, the company chose KeyPlants also because of the very tight timeline: just 12 months from a blank sheet of paper to an operational 200-sqm cleanroom (in a three-floor, 600-sqm modular facility) on site. KeyPlants’ modular manufacturing made it possible to meet the specifications and deliver on time.


That’s partly because modular manufacturing is almost automatically faster than conventional construction, since design and manufacturing are carried out in parallel with site preparation.

Facility repurposed 

One complication resulted from the new packaging line being an extension to an existing building. “That, of course, gives you a complicated interface where you have to match all the floors and windows, etc.,” Olle explains. “Most likely, it would have been better to have maybe one- or two-metres' distance between our new modular facility and the existing facility, so our facility could have been built completely standalone.


Olle says that the feedback he’s gotten from the client has been very positive. “They liked the craftsmanship, that we are service-minded, and, of course, that we delivered on time and on spec.


Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?