Life Science

Life Science

At KeyPlants, we specialise in providing innovative solutions for the life science industry. Our experienced teams are dedicated to delivering facilities that offer faster construction times, cost efficiencies, and higher predictability and quality. Whether you need to accelerate from clinical development to commercialisation, or you require flexibility to adapt to product variability, we have the expertise to design and execute a solution that meets your unique needs. With a focus on sustainability and social responsibility, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals while reducing your environmental impact. Choose KeyPlants for a smarter approach to facility design and construction.


About the Life Science Industry

The life science industry is characterised by a demand for new treatments and therapies, as well as a growing focus on personalised medicine and sustainability. Companies in this industry operate in various sectors, including biologics, cell and gene, small molecules, medtech, and animal health.



In order to meet the demands of this industry, designing and constructing facilities is a critical component. Modular offsite manufactured facilities and pods are becoming increasingly popular due to their faster construction times, cost efficiencies, and higher predictability and quality. Sustainability is also a key consideration in facility design and operation, as companies seek to reduce their environmental impact and improve their social responsibility.



As companies navigate this competitive and dynamic industry, they must also consider regulatory compliance, risk management, and cost control. In this context, strategic partnerships and collaborations are crucial for success. By leveraging the latest technologies and partnering with experienced engineering firms, companies can optimise their operations and achieve their business objectives.

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