Small Molecules

Specialized expertise for small-molecule production

Small molecule drugs remain an important part of the pharmaceutical industry, and their development and manufacturing requires specialised facilities and processes. KeyPlants provides engineering services to design and build custom solutions for small molecule API and OSD (Oral Solid Dosage) production facilities. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their facilities are designed to meet their specific needs and goals, while also taking into account process design and GMP compliance.

Our team of engineers has extensive experience in designing and building small molecule drug production facilities, including cleanrooms, manufacturing suites, and supporting infrastructure. We understand the importance of process design, automation and equipment selection in ensuring efficient and effective production, and we work closely with our clients to develop solutions that meet their unique requirements.

At KeyPlants, we are committed to delivering high-quality engineering solutions that enable our clients to produce small molecule drugs efficiently and effectively, while also ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

About Small Molecules

Cell and gene therapies are rapidly growing fields with enormous potential to treat a wide range of diseases. When planning, designing, and executing projects related to cell and gene manufacturing facilities, it is important to consider the latest trends and dynamics in the field. One trend is the increasing demand for smaller, more flexible facilities, driven by several factors including the need for personalized medicine and more niche products, higher titers, regionalization, and sustainability.


In terms of production steps, cell and gene therapies typically involve the use of viral vectors, which are used to deliver therapeutic genes to target cells. Additionally, cell culture and other techniques are used to produce large numbers of genetically modified cells.


When investing in cell and gene manufacturing facilities, companies should focus on flexibility, scalability, and sustainability. Modular facilities and PODs offer higher predictability with regards to time schedule, cost, and quality. At KeyPlants, we specialize in designing and executing modular facility projects and PODs to meet the specific needs of cell and gene manufacturers. 

About Small Molecules
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