Modular Solutions

Modular Solutions

Modular Turnkey Facilities

The benefits of our modular off-site construction through KeyPlants’ project execution model are:

  • Time to market
  • Highest quality
  • Cost and schedule predictability
  • Risk mitigation
  • Increased safety

With an extensive experience of delivering complete modular production facilities, KeyPlants leads your project towards an on-time delivery, from the initial design study to a successful final handover. KeyPlants´ concept is well proven, and our modular manufacturing takes place at the former Pharmadule AB fabrication workshop in Emtunga, Sweden.

KeyPlants´ Project Managers have been managing engineering and construction teams for over 20 years, giving clients peace of mind when it comes to quality, speed and predictability.

Fabrication Workshop

Our modular manufacturing takes place at KeyPlants Emtunga.

Testimonial – Stragen

”Bringing Strategic Generics to new markets requires speed and skills, that’s why Stragen Pharma chose KeyPlants as our partner.”

Jean-Luc Tetard, President, Stragen Pharma

Pre-Engineered Facility Design Platforms

KeyPlants’ design platforms have been developed to simplify the construction of turnkey biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical facilities. The pre-engineered design platforms are available for biomanufacturing and fill finish facilities, providing pharmaceutical manufacturers a fast track solution to build capacity. KeyPlants flexible facilities are based on modular solutions and can easily be expanded or adapted to future requirements.

MBS – Modular Bio Solutions – for biomanufacturing

Available for the following biomanufacturing processes

  • Therapeutic Proteins
  • Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Cell Therapies
  • Viral Vectors (vaccines and gene therapies)
  • Microbial Vaccines

MAS – Modular Aseptic Solutions – for aseptic production

Available for fill finish of

  • Liquid solutions or lyophilization
  • Vials, cartridges and/or pre-filled syringes
  • RABS or Isolator Technology

Watch the execution of a modular facility project based on KeyPlants’ facility design platform Modular Aseptic Solutions (MAS)

Skid Solutions

Modular Process Skids

KeyPlants provides Turnkey modular skid solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications.

We offer customized solutions and added value for the individual needs of our clients, from URS to design, engineering, and automation, through system implementation to operation and maintenance. Through our process engineers we provide various solutions that satisfy the clients’ needs with superior functionality, as an alternative to standard products that will constrain your process design. KeyPlants combines multidisciplinary engineering skills in process design, automation, mechanical and electrical design. We design, fabricate, install and qualify specialty modular process skids and systems fulfilling the regulatory requirements, as well as the most pressure vessels directives.

We have experience in manufacturing skids for:

  • Aseptic formulation, holding and feeding of liquids
  • Blood plasma systems
  • Media and buffer preparation skids
  • CIP Skid Units
  • WFI tanks skids
  • Mobile Vessels
Quality Control & Testing

We develop a project quality plan (PQP) for each delivery. Throughout the manufacturing process, all vessels and systems are subject to stringent quality checks.

Customer-specific factory acceptance tests (FAT) can include:

  • Riboflavin test
  • Heating/cooling test
  • Surface roughness measurement
  • Ferrite content determination
  • Documentation
  • Electrical testing
  • Control system
GMP-Compliant Documentation

We support our delivery with relevant and GMP-compliant documentation to facilitate our clients’ validation, operations and maintenance.

  • Receipt Verification and full traceability of all material included in delivery
  • Automation according to GAMP
  • Function Specification and Testing Specification
  • Full welding and manufacturing documentation
  • Component list with data sheet of all components
  • Operation Manuals
  • Test Control Plan
  • FAT Protocols
  • Commissioning Protocols (SAT)
  • Qualification Protocols

Our quality management system ensures the full traceability of all materials used, including the provision of certificates.

Testimonial – Teva Sicor

“KeyPlants took responsibility from project start to implementation. A successful delivery, on time, with a compressed schedule”

Šarūnas Pečiokas, Maintenance & Engineering Manager, Teva Sicor Biotech