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Digitalization in Aseptic Filling and Biomanufacturing

Next-generation robotic filling technologies
Learn about the next generation of aseptic filling technologies by means of using robotics, eliminating operator errors, and benefiting from IoT services and solutions.
Marius Römer, Product Manager, Groninger


AI-driven value creation
How can pharmaceutical manufacturers work with AI and automation to improve efficiencies? Increasing yield, reducing processing time and improving consistency are the key areas where AI and automation add value. Big data, machine learning, anomaly detection, and artificial intelligence are topics that will be discussed.
Lukas Vikander, Automation Engineer, KeyPlants

Modular/Off-Site Construction and Flexible Aseptic Filling for the Life Science Industries

Part 1: Modular/Off-Site Construction and PODs; Presented by Pär Almhem, president of ModWave, and the North American representative of KeyPlants of Sweden

The terms “Modular”, “Off-Site” and “PODs” are used in a wide range of situations and have different meanings in different situations. In this Webinar we will provide an introduction to Off-Site Construction for the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industries, discussing what it is, and why it is increasingly becoming an attractive alternative for building new manufacturing capacity and other more complex facilities. In the Webinar we will discuss:

  • What is Off-Site Construction?
  • Advantages of Off-Site Construction
  • When and How to Use Modules and PODs
  • KeyPlant’s Concept
  • Typical Applications
  • Example Project

Part 2: Flexible Aseptic Filling; Presented by Keith Dodson / AST,Vice President of Global Business Development and leads AST’s global sales team.

Flexibility in aseptic filling has become increasingly important in recent years, as Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical companies must produce a variety of drug products and formats with limited space and equipment. In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of flexibility in small batch aseptic fill finish, and explore some solutions offered by AST. We will cover:

  • The need for a flexible format
  • Reducing human involvement in aseptic filling
  • High precision dosing
  • Drive to integrated barrier systems
  • Building a successful aseptic fill-finish process by integrating the operation philosophy of the operating company, the aseptic fill finish equipment design, and the facility.

Process Simulation and Scheduling

Valuable tools for design of biopharmaceutical facilities

Learn from KeyPlants experience and case studies about capital investment projects in the biomanufacturing industry. How to use scheduling tools:
  • Facility design based on process modelling
  • Identify existing bottlenecks to increase capacity
  • Provide insights for capital investment decisions
  • Validate feasibility of a developed design concept

Ted Witherow, Process Engineer, KeyPlants

The role of process simulation and scheduling tools in the biopharmaceutical industries with emphasis on cycle time reduction, debottlenecking, utility system sizing and multi-product facility design.

Demetri Petrides, President, Intelligen, Inc.

Establishing Flexible Facilities for Vaccine Manufacturing

Learn more about what is required to establish new operations for vaccine production and gain understanding about facility design for vaccine manufacturing

Road map to establish local vaccine manufacturing
Learn about the current vaccine industry landscape and what is required to establish new vaccine manufacturing capabilities. Gain understanding of what is needed in terms of know-how, competence and resources.

Kristopher Howard, Global Vaccine Consultant, NRL Enterprise Solutions


Rapid deployment of vaccine facilities
Facility design for common vaccine manufacturing technologies will be discussed. How to establish a new plant with speed, flexibility and predictability. Consequences on facility design based on manufacturing technology.


Åsa Gaasvik, Senior Design Engineer, KeyPlants

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