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The Virtual American Biomanufacturing Summit

Meet KeyPlants at The Virtual American Biomanufacturing Summit, April 27-29

KeyPlants will be sponsoring the Virtual American Biomanufacturing Summit on April 27-29. At the conference, a lunch-and-learn about modular biomanufacturing facilities will be led by Pär Almhem, KeyPlants’ Director of Business Development in North America. David Lindholm, KeyPlants’ Head of Sales will also be attending the conference.

KeyPlants lunch-and-learn session at the conference

Rapid and Cost Effective Deployment of Modular Biomanufacturing Facilities

Discussion about using modular construction to fast and efficiently build new pharma and biotech production capacity. Topics to discuss:

  • What is “modular” and “off-site” construction and why should we use it?
  • What are the options to use modular – when and how to use them?
  • What do end users want from a modular approach and what are their concerns?

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Connect with us to learn about KeyPlants’ modular concept and how it helps our customers to rapidly deploy manufacturing capacity worldwide.

American Biomanufacturing Summit

Webinar – Process Simulation and Scheduling – Valuable tools for design of biopharmaceutical facilities

Live Webinar April 28 at 3pm – 4pm CET

Learn about the benefits of process simulation and scheduling  tools for debottlenecking, capacity increase and design of biopharmaceutical facilities. Gain a better understanding of SuperPro Designer and SchedulePro through actual case studies.

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The role of process simulation and scheduling tools in the biopharmaceutical industries with emphasis on cycle time reduction, debottlenecking, utility system sizing and multi-product facility design.

Demetri Petrides, President, Intelligen, Inc.

Learn from KeyPlants experience and case studies about capital investment projects in the biomanufacturing industry. How to use scheduling tools:

  • Facility design based on process modelling
  • Identify existing bottlenecks to increase capacity
  • Provide insights for capital investment decisions
  • Validate feasibility of a developed design concept

Ted Witherow, Process Engineer, KeyPlants

KeyPlants will be attending and presenting at New Horizons in Biologics & Bioprocessing

The need for more capacity to produce vaccines has increased since the COVID-19 outbreak. Global manufacturing trends are changing, and trends started years ago are being accelerated. There is a market demand to establish new vaccine facilities with speed, flexibility and predictability. This will be discussed as well as consequences on facility design based on manufacturing technology.

KeyPlants will be participating at New Horizons in Biologics & Bioprocessing on December 17th. At the event, David Lindholm will be talking about rapid deployment of vaccine facilities.

This digital event is free of charge. Registration and conference programme at

Join and listen to KeyPlants’ presentation if you’re interested in this topic. It is possible to register and listen to the recorded version of the presentation also after December 17, after registration.

New horizons