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KeyPlants will be attending New horizons in biologics and bioprocessing, Stockholm, December 9, 2021

New HorizonsÅsa Gaasvik Phalén, Senior Design Engineer at KeyPlants will be presenting under the title “Designing, building, and delivering a Covid-19 vaccine facility to Africa”

Åsa will present how local vaccine production can be secured. The presentation will be based on a case study from a KeyPlants vaccine facility project for Senegal. Facility design for common vaccine manufacturing technologies will be discussed, from a drug substance as well as a drug product perspective. Åsa will also cover ways in which we can optimise and reduce the time schedule when establishing new operations for biomanufacturing.

Webinar – Modular/Off-Site Construction and Flexible Aseptic Filling for the Life Science Industries

Live webinar December 7, 2021

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Part 1: Modular/Off-Site Construction and PODs; Presented by Pär Almhem / KeyPlants

The terms “Modular”, “Off-Site” and “PODs” are used in a wide range of situations and have different meanings in different situations. In this Webinar we will provide an introduction to Off-Site Construction for the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industries, discussing what it is, and why it is increasingly becoming an attractive alternative for building new manufacturing capacity and other more complex facilities. In the Webinar we will discuss:

  • What is Off-Site Construction?
  • Advantages of Off-Site Construction
  • When and How to Use Modules and PODs
  • KeyPlant’s Concept
  • Typical Applications
  • Example Project 

Part 2: Flexible Aseptic Filling; Presented by Keith Dodson / AST

Flexibility in aseptic filling has become increasingly important in recent years, as Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical companies must produce a variety of drug products and formats with limited space and equipment. In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of flexibility in small batch aseptic fill finish, and explore some solutions offered by AST. We will cover:

  • The need for a flexible format
  • Reducing human involvement in aseptic filling
  • High precision dosing
  • Drive to integrated barrier systems
  • Building a successful aseptic fill-finish process by integrating the operation philosophy of the operating company, the aseptic fill finish equipment design, and the facility.

 At the end of the Webinar there will be an opportunity for questions and discussions.


Masco Group acquires KeyPlants AB

Masco Group acquires KeyPlants AB, a leading global provider of modular life science facilities

Masco Group, global provider of technological solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, has acquired a majority stake in Swedish company KeyPlants AB. The move will strengthen Masco’s leadership in engineering technologies for life sciences.

KeyPlants is a leading international industry partner for standardized as well as customized process-integrated modular prefabricated facility solutions. Based in Stockholm, the company has a fully integrated supply chain with more than 45 years of experience in project engineering, production and delivery, and has supplied more than 3,500 high-specification modules to at least 30 countries.

This partnership will strengthen Masco Group by combining its leadership in clean utilities and process technologies with KeyPlants’ expertise and innovative energy in prefabricated, modular facility solutions. It will support stronger value propositions for global supply chain challenges such as flexibility, reliability and fast-track manufacturing timelines to a global customer base of biopharmaceutical manufacturers and CDMOs focused on biologics, pharma and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs), such as cell and gene therapies.

“We are extremely happy to partner with KeyPlants, as it will expand our capabilities, service and product offerings, and evolve our manufacturing capacity,” says Luca Borella, CEO of Masco Group. “We look forward to working with them to further accelerate the global adoption of their innovative fast-track facility solutions, which are an essential aspect in the life science industry.” He adds: “The companies share similar values, notably the commitment to teamwork, sustainability and customer care. Innovation is also an important synergetic element.”

“KeyPlants’ management and team are fully committed to this partnership with Masco Group,” says Jörgen Harrysson, Managing Director and Board Member of KeyPlants AB. “Its global presence and network enables KeyPlants to continue with our strategy to serve existing and new clients with our fast-track solutions, including customized facilities as well as standardized PODs. We are also thrilled to be able to expand our presence and offerings in North America, Europe and Africa.”

“We see KeyPlants and Masco Group as a perfect fit, and we are excited at the prospect of making KeyPlants and its skilled teams an integral part of the growth trajectory of the Masco Group family,” comments Frans K. A. Maas, Masco Group Board Member. “Masco Group is part of RSBG SE, a German-based long-term industrial partner of successful medium-sized companies, pursuing a buy-and-build strategy and focusing on competences and areas which are of great importance during global transformations. This acquisition supports the vision to become a technology-leading turnkey provider, in particular in the growing and demanding markets of biologics, vaccines and ATMPs.”

About Masco Group

Masco Group is an integrated solutions provider, partner to the top tier pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. Its companies Stilmas, Olsa, DOC and BCD are leaders in clean utilities, process technologies and services. Headquartered in Milan-Italy, Masco Group has production sites and subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia and serves more than 6000 clients globally, delivering around 300 projects per year.

About KeyPlants

KeyPlants, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is a leader in modular off-site construction for the life science industry, having delivered 100+ projects globally. Our customers benefit from KeyPlants’ vast experience and expertise, resulting in 30-50% shorter timelines and increased predictability with regards to schedule, cost, and quality. KeyPlants delivers turnkey facilities, including process equipment, utilities, and digital solutions.

KeyPlants acquires Swedish Modules

KeyPlants to extend leadership in offsite construction for the life science industry with the acquisition of the assets in Swedish Modules, our modular workshop partner with more than 45 years of experience delivering more than 3,500 modules to over 30 countries.

Stockholm, Sweden, October 12, 2021

KeyPlants, a leading global provider of modular facilities for medicines, including biologics, and cell and gene therapy, today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Swedish Modules, a workshop specializing in delivery of prefabricated, high-specification modular solutions.

Our long-term partner, Swedish Modules have more than 45 years of experience in prefabrication and has delivered over 3,500 high-specification modules to more than 30 countries. From now on, the workshop will be fully integrated into the supply chain, from engineering, fabrication and delivery through a qualified facility.

The acquisition will strengthen KeyPlants’ modular workshop capabilities and support our mission to offer standardized as well as customized process integrated facility solutions. The workshop in Vara, Sweden, 100 km from Gothenburg, has the capacity to manufacture more than 20,000 m2 of cleanroom space per year.

“This acquisition allows us to further reduce the delivery time in our projects and to provide improved quality and reliability to our customers as well as to supply standard POD cleanroom space on demand.

The colleagues in the workshop have unrivalled experience and expertise when it comes to modular fabrication and we are delighted to welcome them to our team” commented Jörgen Harrysson, Managing Director at KeyPlants. “This is a strategic acquisition for KeyPlants, supporting our vision to be the leading provider of innovative life science facilities.”

The combination will unlock significant commercial synergies as KeyPlants brings the unique offerings of each company to their respective high-quality customer bases. The acquisition will also ensure that KeyPlants remain the fastest provider of turnkey modular facilities to the life science industry.


KeyPlants Workshop

KeyPlants expands with new office in Gothenburg

As a part of KeyPlants’ growth strategy and to support the increasing demand for project deliveries in the Life Science industry we are expanding our organization with the opening of a new office in Gothenburg.

We take great pleasure in welcoming Lars-Gunnar Wallenius and Markus Morichetto to KeyPlants! Both L-G and Markus have extensive experience (+20 years) in engineering and modular design. The Gothenburg-team will strengthen our capabilities for global project deliveries whilst providing services to our local customers.

Welcome L-G and Markus to KeyPlants team!