Establishing Flexible Facilities for Vaccine Manufacturing

Learn more about what is required to establish new operations for vaccine production and gain understanding about facility design for vaccine manufacturing

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Road map to establish local vaccine manufacturing
Learn about the current vaccine industry landscape and what is required to establish new vaccine manufacturing capabilities. Gain understanding of what is needed in terms of know-how, competence and resources.
Kristopher Howard, Global Vaccine Consultant, NRL Enterprise Solutions
Rapid deployment of vaccine facilities
Facility design for common vaccine manufacturing technologies will be discussed. How to establish a new plant with speed, flexibility and predictability. Consequences on facility design based on manufacturing technology.
Åsa Gaasvik, Senior Design Engineer, KeyPlants


Kristopher Howard

Kristopher Howard

Global Vaccines/Pharma Manufacturing Operations Consultant, NRL Enterprise Solutions

Kris is a vaccines and pharmaceutical consultant for UNIDO and WHO as well as global and African vaccine/pharma companies. His specialty is helping pharma companies to optimize their production operations strategies and to plan the design and build of new production facilities. He is the author of three reports on vaccine manufacturing as part of an ongoing project conducted by UNIDO, WHO and AVMI. At Merck & Co he worked on new vaccine facility projects ranging in size from $15M to $300M.

Åsa Gaasvik

Åsa Gaasvik

Senior Design Engineer, KeyPlants

Åsa presents more than twenty-six (26) years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with the last twenty (20) years focusing on design and project management. Her expertise includes process design, capacity planning, building design, site planning and estimating. During her career she has been trusted by WHO and EMA to perform cGMP audits of vaccine production facilities.