Reference Projects

Selected recent modular and turnkey delivery projects

Unique vaccine plant 

On a difficult site 

When a pharma company wanted to expand one of its European vaccine manufacturing and aseptic filling plants, it turned to KeyPlants for the complex, hybrid project, which used both modular and conventional construction techniques. 

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Modular pharmaceutical packaging facility

Designed and delivered on 12-month timeline

When a leading global pharmaceuticals company wanted to expand production of one of its products in Austria, it once again turned to KeyPlants to build the necessary cleanroom for its packaging line.

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ISO Grade 7 cleanroom solution optimizes production flow

When a Swedish company that has a patented surface coating for devices designed to be implanted in the human body needed a new production facility in a leased building, they called on KeyPlants  to provide a turnkey solution.  

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Institut Pasteur de Dakar (IPD): First-Of-Its-Kind Vaccine Manufacturing Facility to Africa

Driving self-sustaining COVID-19 vaccine solutions in Africa

Our team at KeyPlants, together with a group of international companies, funders, and governments, have designed and built a first-of-its-kind vaccine manufacturing filling facility in Senegal, Africa. Project MADIBA leverages our unmatched expertise and vast experience in modular solutions and off-site manufacturing to develop this transformative facility in under a year. Owned and managed by Institut Pasteur de Dakar (IPD), the facility will revolutionize access to vaccines in Africa…

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Modular biomanufacturing and aseptic filling facility, Latin America

Scope: Delivery of an outdoor modular facility of 6.300 sq. m. including all process equipment. Facility based on KeyPlants design platform Modular Bio Solutions (MBSTM).

Major drivers: Predictability, Speed, Quality

Objective: Turnkey delivery to greenfield site.

Multi-product biomanufacturing facility, Sweden

Scope: Process simulation, design and project delivery including C&Q. Buffer hold, CIP, clean utility, change of process streams and upgrade of process automation system.

Major drivers: Predictability, Quality, Schedule, Experience

Objective: Near doubled the site production capacity.

Saudi Bio, Saudi Arabia

Modular aseptic formulation and filling facility

Scope: Delivery of an indoor modular facility based on KeyPlants design platform Modular Aseptic Solutions (MASTM). Filling of vials, cartridges and pre-filled syringes, including lyophilization.

Major drivers: Predictability, Speed, Quality, Flexibility

Objective: Turnkey delivery of a qualified facility in 16 months.

Ferring, Germany and Indonesia

Modular movable filling facility

Scope: Turnkey delivery of an indoor modular facility to Germany for commissioning and training of personnel. Further delivery to final site in Indonesia.

Major drivers: Rapid deployment, overcome Tech Transfer challenges and accelerated approval

Objective: Turnkey delivery of a movable facility.

Galderma, Sweden

Aseptic filling facility, BSL-3

Scope: Pilot scale aseptic filling facility in an existing building. Vial filling line in isolator.

Major drivers: GMP compliance

Objective: Facility for new product launches.

Big Pharma, Sweden

Compounding and dispensing suite

Scope: Installation of new clear room area including integration with existing systems (HVAC, Electrical, Sprinkler, Automation etc.).

Major drivers: GMP compliance, minimal interference

Objective: Design and execute with high predictability to a fixed budget and timeline.

Merck & Co, USA, Netherlands

Modular Ammonia Plant

Scope: Design, off-site construction, on-site installation and integration.

Major drivers: Safety, speed and predictability

Objective: Turnkey delivery of the ammonia plant on a congested site within 6 months.

Teruisi Pharmaceutical Inc., China

Greenfield Mab Manufacturing Facility

Scope: Conceptual design for greenfield facility together with Hyde Engineering. Fabrication and delivery of purification and bulk filling modular skids.

Major drivers: GMP compliance, predictability

Objective: Turnkey delivery of GMP-compliant skids including site integration to schedule and budget.

Merck & Co, USA

Weighing and Dispensing Facility in Switzerland

Scope: Basic design, fabrication, integration of process equipment, assembly.

Major drivers: Speed

Objective: Turnkey delivery of the facility through off-site construction within 6 months

Stragen Pharma, Switzerland

High Containment OSD Facility, Greenfield

Scope: Design, off-site fabrication, on-site installation and qualification of an OSD manufacturing facility.

Major drivers: GMP assurance, predictability, speed

Objective: Turnkey delivery of a qualified OSD facility within 15 months

Teva Sicor Biotech UAB, Lithuania

Skid Delivery Project, Expansion project

Scope: Design, fabrication and qualification of modular process skids

Major drivers: Quality, schedule, cost

Objective: Turnkey delivery and qualification of modular protein solution skids within 6 months

Biotechpharma UAB

Skid/Equipment Delivery Project

Scope: Turnkey delivery and qualification of buffer and protein solution skids.

Major drivers: Quality, schedule, cost

Objective: Design, manufacturing, start-up, IQ/OQ and handover on site within 6 months

Teva Sicor Biotech UAB, Lithuania

Skid Delivery Project, re-order

Scope: Turnkey delivery and qualification of modular process skids

Major drivers: Cost, schedule, quality

Objective: Design, fabrication, start-up and IQ/OQ and handover on site within 10 months

Octapharma, Sweden

Capacity increase project with skids and off-site construction

Scope: Expansion of plasma fractionation facility. Installation of tanks and clean utility systems including piping.

Major drivers: Short and predictable installation during production stop

Objective: Increase capacity with limited time for installation.