Capacity increase project with skids and off-site construction

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Biologics / Process Technology Installations


Solutions we provided  
Process design, Execution

Capacity increase for Octapharma’s production of human plasma-derived products

When Octapharma wanted to increase capacity at a facility in Stockholm, it contacted KeyPlants. We delivered off-site manufactured skids for their plasma fractionation and aseptic fill-finish of its human plasma-derived products.


Octapharma’s aim was to increase base fractionation to 1,600,000 L. We were awarded the contract because of our experience in the design and engineering of plasma products technologies, which allowed us to carry out a short and predictable installation during a production stop.


Scope: Expansion of plasma fractionation facility. Installation of tanks and clean utility systems including piping.


Major drivers: Short and predictable installation during production stop


Objective: Increase capacity with limited time for installation.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?