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ProMetic, PPPS Bulk Manufacturing Facility, UK

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Conceptual Design 

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When ProMetic in the UK was ready to build a new plasma fractionation facility for six therapeutic proteins, it selected KeyPlants to deliver the design study. “It was a repeat order based on our experience with PPPS manufacturing processes,” says Fredrik Eneqvist, Engineering & Design Director at KeyPlants.


The 19,500-sqm, PPPS bulk fractionation facility would include a two-floor, 9,500-sqm processing area, plus an administration building, warehouse, and laboratory. Capacity of the facility is 600,000 L plasma, using single-use bioreactors.


One of the challenges was that the design was based on a new process for plasma fractionation based on PPPS technology,” Eneqvist says.  


The Conceptual Design was delivered in 2016. 


Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?