Modular/Off-Site Construction and Flexible Aseptic Filling for the Life Science Industries





Part 1: Modular/Off-Site Construction and pods 

In the first part, join us as Pär Almhem, President of ModWave and North American Representative of KeyPlants of Sweden, introduces the concepts of 'Modular', 'Off-Site', and 'pods'. These terms hold diverse meanings across various contexts. This webinar provides an insightful introduction to Off-Site Construction within the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industries. Discover why this approach is increasingly gaining popularity as more complelling alternative for constructing new manufacturing capacity and intricate facilities. The discussion will cover: 
•    Understanding Off-Site Construction 
•    Exploring the Advantages of Off-Site Construction 
•    Guidance on When and How to Utilize Modules and pods 
•    Insights into KeyPlant's Concept 
•    Highlighting Typical Applications 
•    Illustration of an Example Project


Part 2: Flexible Aseptic Filling 

In the second part, Keith Dodson, Vice President of Global Business Development at AST, will lead the discussion on 'Flexible Aseptic Filling'. As Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical companies increasingly need to produce a diverse range of drug products and formats within limited space and equipment, the importance of flexibility in aseptic filling has surged. The webinar will explore the significance of flexibility in small batch aseptic fill finish and delve into solutions provided by AST. Key topics will include: 
•    Recognising the Necessity for a Flexible Format 
•    Minimising Human Involvement in Aseptic Filling 
•    Emphasising High Precision Dosing 
•    Transition to Integrated Barrier Systems 
•    Creating a Successful Aseptic Fill-Finish Process through Integration