06 September 2022

KeyPlants establishes U.S. organization and manufacturing of modular facilities

Marija Mladenovic

KeyPlants is on an exciting growth journey, and as a part of it the company is investing in a HR Manager role.

Welcome to the team Anna, tell us who you are?
My background is in the food industry, where I have 16 years of work experience in various roles, mainly related to leadership roles in food production.


I am actually an engineer, with a Master of Science in Biotech. I have always been interested in life science and I really wanted to explore this type of business sometime during my career. This was the right time for me to realize that dream.


A couple of years ago, I did a career shift, moving into HR. It might appear like an odd route, but for me, it was not. The clear common factor between my roles has been people and team development and growth. This is also what motivates and energizes me.


What took you to KeyPlants?
First of all, with the products we make and the services we provide, this is such an exciting company. Looking at the projects KeyPlants delivers, ’Solutions that make a difference’ are not just words, but we do actually contribute to making a difference in the world.


Secondly, the values and the culture of the company truly speak to me and the entrepreneurial spirit and the ’can do’ attitude is still there from being a small company, which is very inspiring.

I had the privilege to join a conference with all employees at KeyPlants just before joining the team. During the conference, I could hear and see in conversations with employees that the values of KeyPlants are embedded in the organization and not just words on the website!


What are you looking forward to in joining KeyPlants?
KeyPlants has been through many positive events during the last couple of months, with Masco Group acquiring KeyPlants, acquisition of the modular workshop in Emtunga, and expanding to a new office in Gothenburg. I am really looking forward to supporting this journey, with a focus on the people agenda and people processes, to ensure they reflect what the business needs.


Actually, many people-related initiatives were already started before I joined, which tells something about the engagement in what you would typically call HR topics. I am truly excited moving into the role and looking forward to great accomplishments with the team!