About us

Who we are 


We rapidly provide sustainable and high-quality design and capital projects for the life science industry by breaking down complexities into standardized solutions that deliver flexibility and safety for our customers.

We provide:  

  • Project definition and front-end studies 
  • Project Management, design and engineering, procurement and manufacturing 
  • Site installation 
  • Start-up, commissioning and qualification 
  • After sales support and services 

What we believe in 

Our Mission and Vision 

Our mission is to provide fast track, high quality facility design and construction, as well as turnkey modular solutions for the life science and advanced technology industries.   

We deliver modular off-site manufactured facilities globally, and professional services and traditional installation projects in the Nordic countries.   

Our Vision  

Our vision is to be the leading provider of innovative life science facilities 

About us

Our Values

We are pioneers

We have confidence and take pride in what we do 

We take on challenges based on calculated risks 

We simplify and find new solutions 

We are reliable  

We keep our promises 

We manage and meet the expectations of all stakeholders 

We develop our knowledge 

We are solution-oriented

We look and plan ahead 

We provide a comprehensive solution and break down complex problems into cost-effective solutions 

We focus on the opportunities 

We work together

We share success, information, and experiences 

We deal with all challenges together 

We respect and improve each other 

We put sustainability and safety first 

Pioneers, now accelerating growth 

Based on the tradition of industrial innovation in Sweden, off-site manufacturing of pharmaceutical plants was invented here. KeyPlants were pioneers bringing the modular facility concept to the life science industry. We have developed our ideas and solutions over the years, in close collaboration with leading Big Pharma companies. Today, we partner with several of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world. 

About us

Our Experience

Supplied more than 4500 high-specification modules

We executed projects in 5 continents

More than 45 years of experience in project engineering, manufacturing and delivery

Lost time Incidents the last three years

We have delivered to over 30 countries.

Projects delivered

Masco Group 

In 2021, we joined the Milan, Italy-based Masco Group. This has reinforced our global reach, thanks to the Masco Group’s production sites and subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia, which serve more than 6,000 clients globally, delivering around 300 projects per year. We opened new offices in Gothenburg in 2022. 


Our sustainability work

We are constantly working to improve the way we work and strive for the most environmentally friendly way of working. To start with, our core business is based on prefabricated modular facilities that are built to last and can be relocated, reused, renovated, and adapted, making them more sustainable than solutions that more readily become obsolete.

In addition: 

  • We have routines to optimize usage of raw materials such as steel,
  • We constantly monitor and measure waste in production,
  • We monitor energy consumption needed to keep our business running
  • We audit our environmental and quality work annually, and
  • We are ISO 14001 certified.

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