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Turnkey facilities for the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies

Modular and Podular lower cost and risk, while increasing quality, safety and speed


Expanding production? Launching a new product? The KeyPlants team has decades of proven, worldwide experience building modular, turnkey facilities for the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our modular and POD agile design solutions meet the demanding requirements of today’s business needs in the production of therapeutics. And by deploying standardized, repeatable solutions globally, you can reduce variability from project to project and lean out both cost and schedule, all the way from the design process through fabrication and startup. Our modular and POD solutions:

Reduce costs, shorten lead times and time to market, improve cash flow, and increase profits. We do this by conducting design and manufacturing activities in parallel and via standardized, repeatable solutions. See more about cost

Reduce risk by offering:

Increase quality, with:

  • pre-testing in an ISO 9001-certified workshop,
  • the same dedicated workforce making each facility, and
  • substantial testing off site. See more about quality


Increase safety because more project execution takes place under controlled conditions in a workshop instead of on a construction site, where accidents – and even – fatalities are more frequent. See more about how we work or Our sustainability work

Simplify the technology transfer from an existing manufacturing site to the new facility. See more about technology transfer



Caption: In offsite manufacturing, several steps can be completed in parallel, as in a recent vaccine manufacturing project in Senegal for Institut Pasteur de Dakar. For example, while KeyPlants designed and built the facility off site, work proceeded to prepare the site, build the foundation, and construct the shell building in parallel.

As the demand for capacity has increased, so has the demand for flexible supply chain solutions. Meanwhile, the demand for local manufacturing has also increased as pandemic-related supply-chain issues have created havoc in many industries around the world, including pharmaceuticals. Our solutions address all these issues.

Customized solutions for flexibility and performance 

Our multidisciplinary engineering skills allow us to offer customized solutions – from URS to design, engineering, and automation, through system implementation to operation and maintenance. 

We also offer our customers the flexibility to choose their own equipment – and even conventional construction – or take advantage of KeyPlants’ modular manufacturing capabilities. Or a combination of both. 

These capabilities include process design and equipment integration, as well as services to support with automation, design, qualification, and process validation. 

The result is superior functionality instead of standard products that constrain process design. 

Bringing Strategic Generics to new markets requires speed and skills, that’s why Stragen Pharma chose KeyPlants as our partner

Jean-Luc Tetard

President, Stragen Pharma

80% of all conventional projects are delayed more than four months 

Construction Industry Institute (CII) USA

KeyPlants took responsibility from project start to implementation. A successful delivery, on time, with a compressed schedule

Šarūnas Pečiokas

Maintenance & Engineering Manager, Teva Sicor Biotech

Our Solutions:

X-press PODs cut lead times to weeks

Our new, portable on-demand (POD) facility dramatically reduces the time it takes to set up new production, speeds the development of cutting-edge therapies, and increases production flexibility. X-press PODs can be on site and ready for operations anywhere in the world in as few as five weeks for a single POD, compared to a year or more to build a conventional facility from scratch. They also offer maximum flexibility in production. X-press PODs give manufacturers:

  • flexibility to start small-scale production immediately and then scale out,
  • the advantages of a fixed price and time schedule,
  • a turnkey, integrated approach instead of pieces of a facility/process engineering puzzle,
  • an end to the time and complexity of specification, bidding, procurement, and permitting, and
  • lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

PODs are the fastest way to start or expand production, which will result in innovative, cost-effective solutions, from clinical development to commercialization, since total cost of ownership will be reduced. POD facilities can be up-sized by adding PODs and are also a solution for small-scale production of cell and gene therapies, for example. 

Pre-Engineered Facility Design Platforms

KeyPlants’ design platforms for biomanufacturing and fill finish facilities have been developed to: 

  • simplify construction,
  • offer a fast-track solution to build capacity,
  • ease future expansion, and
  • adapt to future requirements.

These solutions to rapidly deploy drug substance and drug product manufacturing capabilities include clean room space and technical areas integrated with process equipment and clean utilities. 

For drug substance facilities: Modular Bio Solutions, MBS.

For drug product facilities; Modular Aseptic Solutions, MAS.

Our standardized, pre-engineered modular solutions can be configured and combined to provide a facility that can be rapidly designed, built, and deployed globally.

To see exactly how we would organize, execute, and document your project from initiation to client takeover:

Our pre-engineered modular platform for biomanufacturing solutions (MBS) is designed for rapid deployment globally. With minor changes to our Modular Bio Solutions™ pre-engineered design platform, it is possible to accommodate any biopharmaceutical process based on cell culture or bacterial fermentation. Our solutions are currently available for the following biomanufacturing processes:  

  • mRNA
  • Therapeutic proteins, 
  • Monoclonal antibodies, 
  • Cell therapies, 
  • Viral Vectors (vaccines and gene therapies), and 
  • Microbial Vaccines. 

We have also developed solutions for filling biopharmaceuticals in several dosage forms, including vials (including lyophilization), pre-filled syringes, cartridges and pre-sterilized glass and plastic solutions. We call these Modular Aseptic Solutions (MAS) 

 To see exactly how we would organize, execute, and document your project from initiation to client takeover.  Contact us. 

Modular Bio Soultions (MBS):

A flexible design platform

Purification B109

Modular Aseptic Solutions  (MAS) facilities:

Rapid deployment and flexibility


Our pre-engineered modular design platform for aseptic solutions (MAS) facilities for small volume parenterals (SVP) are designed for rapid deployment globally. They maximize production flexibility in two important ways: 

  • They shorten the concept design (CD) and basic design (BD) phases, resulting in a delivery time as short as 12 months, for a fully functional production facility.
  • Their flexible concept allows for expansion and easy add-on with minimal interruption of existing operations.

Our MAS facilities are suitable for dosing liquids in pre-sterilized ready-to-use (RTU) containers. Combining RTU and modular execution results in an especially strong business case. Our facilities are available for fill-finish of: 

  • Liquid solutions or lyophilization, 
  • Vials, cartridges and/or pre-filled syringes, and
  • RABS or Isolator Technology.

To see exactly how we would organize, execute, and document your project from initiation to client takeover:

Modular skid solutions

We design, fabricate, install and qualify specialty modular process skids and systems for: 

  • Aseptic formulation, holding and filling of liquids
  • Systems for deriving of products from human plasma
  • Media and buffer preparation skids
  • CIP and SIP Skid Units
  • WFI tanks skids
  • Mobile Vessels
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