Read about KeyPlants’ pre-engineered facility solutions for virus-, recombinant-, viral vector- and mRNA-based vaccines.
KeyPlants’ Head of Sales David Lindholm contributed on this topic as a writer in the latest number of Cleanroom Technology.

Teaser from the article:

If vaccines weren’t an increasing market before 2020, they most definitely are now. Designing a vaccine-specific facility solution that is not only quick to market but can stand the test of time is more important than ever explains David Lindholm from KeyPlants

The global vaccine market has seen significant growth due to the growing global population, increased immunisation coverage and new vaccines being introduced. With COVID-19 this trend is expected to accelerate. The billions of doses of COVID-19 vaccine required on top of the existing vaccine demand is just one of the dynamics influencing capacity planning for manufacturers. New treatments and more approvals every year, in particular biological drugs, also add to the global capacity demand.

To manage the situation, pharmaceutical companies continuously assess options for balancing available capacity by adding more capacity. For the short term, they can increase outsourcing to Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs) or repurpose existing facilities. Looking beyond the short term, they can alternatively plan to build new facilities…

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