07 December 2022

KeyPlants now recruiting for new consulting business unit

Marija Mladenovic

KeyPlants now recruiting for 
New consulting business unit


KeyPlants, a leading global provider of modular solutions to the life science industry, is recruiting for a newly formed business unit that will provide ongoing consulting expertise for new and existing clients. The move is in response to repeated requests from clients to extend KeyPlants engineers’ assignments.


In many cases, consulting services will be an add-on to projects when KeyPlants is already at its client sites doing projects with very well qualified engineers. “Now we will add on a consultant business to that, so we can offer more help to the clients both after the project phase and before the project phase,” explains Helena Sternberg, who is leading the unit with Erik Höglund. Both are 20-year veterans of the life-science business.


Adds Höglund: “The point is that our clients that have huge variety of different needs and may not have all that super-specific knowledge in house. They need to rely on different partners to be able to help them out in in many different situations where they can’t manage.”


Sternberg says that clients have already been asking for KeyPlants to continue supplying expertise after a project is complete, but usually everyone is already booked on other projects. She and Höglund are building an organization that let its KeyPlants continue working with a client.


Unique employer offer

“The challenge we will have now and for the next couple of the next half year at least just to find and attract the people that we want to be the foundation of this venture,” Höglund says. ”While most of the consultancy firms promise recruits the same things, I think KeyPlants has a couple of unique selling points.


“First, the company itself is a small company with lots of really devoted people working closely together and really close to management. You can take part in everything – you’re not just a commodity.”


“Fantastic projects all over the world”

“Second is what KeyPlants is doing,” Höglund continues. “We have projects all over the world that help people, and that are also interesting from a technical point of view. These modules, what clients are doing with them, how we’re building and shipping them all over the world and putting them together in an extremely short time, etc.


Both Sternberg and Höglund have worked in a business that mixes engagement in projects and professional services before and say that it is extremely attractive to people who have a strong sense of curiosity. “It’s quite unique in Sweden to have the core business be an established project business with the consultant business on top of that,” Sternberg says. “It is an environment that is extremely creative and dynamic.”


”The perfect mix”

“I also really want to emphasize that people put so much heart into their work at KeyPlants” Sternberg continues. ”And when new people come into the organization, they can either work in this core business for some months, and then when they are ready for a change, they can go out on an assignment on their own that can stimulate and educate them in other ways.


“Overall, you’re working with your team and it’s a fantastic journey. And of course, every client is a little bit different, but now you can have the perfect mix.” 

 “It’s quite unique in Sweden to have the core business be an established project business with the consultant business on top of that,”