How we work towards the future

Our environmental and quality work

We are constantly working to improve the way we work and strive for the most environmentally friendly way of working.

Part of this is to find solutions that are gentler to the environment. It is a matter of course for us to be curious about ways to develop organization and production in the best sustainable way. The challenges are many but having the environmental aspect on the agenda every day, helps us stay focused and constantly develop our company.

Every year, our environmental and quality work must be reported and renewed with new goals for continuous improvement and continued sustainable development. Below are some of our environmental aspects that we are working on to improve.


We also have routines to optimize usage of raw materials such as steel, so we don’t use more than necessary in our production process. If possible, we also try to use alternative products.

We constantly monitor and measure waste which arises in production. We sort waste that occurs during the production and renovation of modules to minimize the waste that must go as landfill.

Our modules are being transported to different sites and we strive to find ways to reduce emissions from transports of various kinds.

We also monitor and measure the energy consumption to keep our business running, as well as emergency preparedness for what can affect the environment in the event of abnormal events and accidents.

Why you should use our solutions

A flexible solution for both permanent and temporary facilities.

Short delivery time compared with on-site projects.

Minimal disruption on site – Sensitive, existing services experience minimal disruption owing to short period at construction site. 

Sustainable solutions – Our prefabricated modules can be relocated, reused, renovated and adapted.

Industrial premium – Products designed to last. Robust steel construction that facilitates a high degree of prefabrication, an effective work environment, heavy process equipment and heavy lifting. Manufactured in a safe indoor environment in Sweden.

Risk mitigation – 95% of the construction work takes place in a production facility, which results in a ‘plug & play’ solution. This helps minimise risk in terms of schedule and budget.


We are certified according to

ISO 9001:2015



This means that the company is certified according to international standards for certification of environment and quality management systems used in companies.

The certification proves that our management systems live up to international standards, have good processes in place and shows that we promote continuous improvement work within the organization. We want to constantly develop and deliver the best products in the most resource-efficient way. The certification is proof for all those who work with or for us, to see that we systematically work with continuous improvement and development.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certification – Quality
An ISO 9001 certification shows that KeyPlants is dedicated to systematically improving its quality and exceeding its customers’ expectations. As a customer, you know that your partner is in order.

ISO 14001: 2015 Certification – Environment
An ISO 14001 certification shows that KeyPlants lives up to concrete and recognized environmental requirements. We take responsibility for the environment towards customers, staff, owners and other stakeholders.


Swedish production

  • Production performed in Emtunga, Sweden
  • Large production facility that offers a high degree of scalability:
    – 8.500 sqm indoor production area
    – 50.000 sqm total outdoor production area
  • The location offers excellent transports with industrial ports (e.g. in Gothenburg and Uddevalla) and highway network in the proximity
  • Highly skilled production staff
  • All personnel employed and regulated under Swedish labor laws
  • High focus on HSE, including a systematic approach on prevention and monitoring


Read about our process and how we work with quality at every stage.

Swedish map - KeyPlants offices

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