Process Simulation and Scheduling

Valuable tools for design of biopharmaceutical facilities

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Learn about the benefits of process simulation and scheduling  tools for debottlenecking, capacity increase and design of biopharmaceutical facilities. Gain a better understanding of SuperPro Designer and SchedulePro through actual case studies.



Learn from KeyPlants experience and case studies about capital investment projects in the biomanufacturing industry. How to use scheduling tools:
  • Facility design based on process modelling
  • Identify existing bottlenecks to increase capacity
  • Provide insights for capital investment decisions
  • Validate feasibility of a developed design concept

Ted Witherow, Process Engineer, KeyPlants

The role of process simulation and scheduling tools in the biopharmaceutical industries with emphasis on cycle time reduction, debottlenecking, utility system sizing and multi-product facility design.

Demetri Petrides, President, Intelligen, Inc.


Demetri Petrides

Demetri Petrides


Mr. Petrides is the president of Intelligen, Inc., the company that has developed and commercialized SuperPro Designer and SchedulePro. He has extensive experience in modeling and optimizing biopharmaceutical production processes and manufacturing facilities. Mr. Petrides holds a B.S. from National Technical University of Athens (Greece) and a PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), both in chemical engineering.

Ted Witherow

Ted Witherow

Process Engineer

Ted is subject matter expert for biomanufacturing process simulation at KeyPlants. In his role as process design lead, he’s been involved in many large capital projects for customers in Europe and USA. Ted’s expertise includes design of processes like heat and power systems, novel design in a research and developing setting, and pharmaceutical process design with focus on bioprocessing. Ted holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.