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KeyPlants Modular Concept for Russian Market

KeyPlants Modular Concept for Russian Market

KeyPlants introduced the advantages of the modular concept for the Russian market at the International Conference “GEP-Russia 2017”, in Moscow.

KeyPlants was presenting: “Modular Solutions for Future Aseptic Filling” with sub title “Ready to Fill Syringes/Vials/Cartridges, a CMO Perspective“.

Johan Mossenberg Has Joined Our Team

Johan Mossenberg Has Joined Our Team

KeyPlants are proud to welcome Johan Mossenberg as Regional Sales Manager, Nordic.

Johan will be responsible for giving our customers in all Nordic countries a higher degree of service than previously.

Initially KeyPlants have the ambition to expand all of our services to all regions in Sweden and to give better service to customers like Pfizer, Octapharma, Galderma, Valneva and Astra.

Johan previously worked for ÅF Industry as Regional/Section Manager, Food & Pharma with consulting and sales for two years and prior to this for PRC Engineering (acquired by ÅF 2015) for several years as Regional Manager selling and managing consultants in the Pharma and Process Industry.

Expansion Project for Octapharma, Sweden

KeyPlants was appointed by Octapharma to design, procure, install, qualify and manage a new project in their Hornsberg fractionation facility located in Stockholm. The project is an expansion project for increased capacity of the existing plasma fractionation with new ethanol mixing and distribution system, New CIP System with skid-mounting, all with new clean piping distribution, Installation of new Filter press with design for CIP. Octapharmas main drivers for the project is predictability through pre-fabrication and off-site Construction.

KeyPlants at the PDA Conference in Lindau

KeyPlants have been invited to speak at the PDA conference in Lindau at April 26th, 13.30 on the Subject “Solutions for Future Aseptic Filling” with the sub title “Ready to Fill Syringes/Vials/Cartridges a CMO Perspective“ this presentation will focus on a modular aseptic filling facility being designed, fabricated and assembled for Saudi Biotech Manufacturing Company a Saudi CMO, located in Sudair North-west of Riyadh.

KeyPlants Receives a Turnkey Order for a Modular Facility

KeyPlants Indoor Modular Technology

KeyPlants AB has received a turnkey order to design and build a ‘state of the art’ pharmaceutical plant for aseptic filling of advanced medicine. The facility is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The order was received in tough international competition thanks to KeyPlants modular technology for the delivery of prefabricated facilities. The project is a strategic step in Saudi Arabia’s efforts to reduce its dependence on oil.

KeyPlants AB har erhållit en turnkey-order för att projektera och bygga en ”state of the art” läkemedelsfabrik för aseptisk fyllning av avancerade läkemedel. Fabriken är den första i sitt slag i Saudiarabien. Ordern har erhållits i hård internationell konkurrens med hjälp av KeyPlants modulteknologi för leverans av prefabricerade fabriker. Projektet är ett strategiskt steg i Saudiarabiens satsning att minska sitt beroende av olja.