The most cost-effective way to build a production facility


We all know that modularization of process modules, pipe racks, facility modules, cleanroom panels, etc., increases predictability and reduces cost overruns. We also know it shortens delivery time, leading to faster return on investment.


Why? There are several reasons:

  • Manufacturing processes are evolving rapidly.
  • Modular manufacturing allows more re-use of proven solutions and minimizes the need to reinvent.
  • Efficient manufacturing workflows minimize time spent on preparation, getting materials, instructions, redoing errors and more—88% of a worker’s time is spent productively.
  • Good teamwork, few adversarial relationships.
  • No middleman for the modular manufacturing part of the project.
  • Construction industry productivity has dropped by 19% since 1964 but increased in tracked industries by 153%

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Modular Manufacturing:

Spend less, earn more 

With modular manufacturing, there’s typically little difference between the estimated costs at the concept design stage and the actual costs when production starts. This illustrates one of the big advantages of modular manufacturing: It involves less risk. Risks include scheduled risk, cost of capital risk, production risk and revenue risk. And risk costs money. Eliminating schedule risk, cost of capital risk and productivity risk can easily reduce the cost of a project by a third or more.

70% of all conventional projects are delayed. 73% are over budget 

Lean Construction Institute, USA

In the real world of bricks and mortar, the vast majority of conventional projects are delayed. And time is definitely money when building a production site for a profitable drug. The eight-month speed advantage of modular manufacturing means a profitable drug can reach the market faster. Delays mean foregone revenues.

The bottom line is this: Modular manufacturing is the shortest route to increased revenues—and profits

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Expanding production? Launching a new product? The KeyPlants team has decades of proven, worldwide experience building modular, turnkey facilities for the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our modular and POD agile design solutions meet the demanding requirements of today’s business needs in the production of therapeutics.

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